Friday, April 17, 2009

Om Nom Nom

Well its been a while since I filled this little area of the interwebs with a torrent of garbage and some decent stuff... . well I'm bored and here's more from CMTV

THE FLOWERS - "Ice Cold Beer"

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer - A Piece Of My Mind

A bit of "Chap Hop" from The Gentleman Rhymer himself, Mr B
From deepest darkest Surrey, and with a decade of gentlemanly catterwalling with the infamous Schooner Boys under his belt, Mr.B brings you Chap-Hop, re-acquainting Hip-Hop with the Queen's English from whence it came. His legendary live recitals have earned him plaudits, largely from top shelf gentlemen's quarterlies.


Red Dwarf - Tongue Tied


Tool - Vicarious

A little something from one of mt top bands from all time...
The DVD released on December 18, 2007 contains an extended version of the much-delayed video counterpart for the song.[6] The video for it is completely made through use of CGI, making it Tool's first full CGI video. The reason for notability is that most of Tool's other videos (the other video that uses CGI is Parabola) use stop-motion animation.
The video was co-directed by guitarist Adam Jones and artist Alex Grey and also features creative input from Chet Zar. Also included on the DVD are short documentaries on the making of the video and on Jones's previous work in film and television, and commentaries on the video from comedian David Cross.


Mr Bungle - Girls of Porn (NSFW)

Mr. Bungle formed in 1985 in Eureka, California while the members were still in high school. The band initially consisted of Trevor Dunn, Mike Patton, Trey Spruance, Theo Lengyel, and Jed Watts. Watts was subsequently replaced by Hans Wagner, and he by Danny Heifetz, while Clinton "Bär" McKinnon joined in 1989. The band's name was taken from Lunchroom Manners, a 1960s children's educational film which was featured in a Pee Wee Herman HBO special in the early '80s. A puppet named Mr. Bungle was the main character and was used to teach children good manners and hygiene. In 1989 Faith No More bassist Billy Gould told Patton about a pornographic video called Sharon’s Sex Party, which also starred a character known as Mr. Bungle